Wholemeal Spelt


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The Spelt grain is an ancient variety of wheat, with health benefits attributed to its unique protein characteristics. Spelt, also known as Dinkel, was widely grown in Europe for hundreds of years because its adherent thick husk is more resistant to extreme weather than other wheats. Spelt almost disappeared when it was outclassed in farming, milling and baking performance by more “modern” wheat varieties. Australia now benefits from having original and genetically “true” spelt varieties, because in other countries grain breeders have sought to improve the yield and processing characteristics of old spelt varieties by crossing them with modern wheats. This cross breeding has compromised genetic purity and provided some of the undesirable attributes of modern grain, so our Australian grown and milled spelt has a distinct advantage to imported spelt flours.

We build on our close relationships with progressive farmers, and choose to mill selected varieties of Spelt that have been grown in suitable environments so as to ensure reliable production of the best quality spelt breads.
Spelt contains more protein, fats and crude fibre than modern wheats and is high in vitamin B17, but is not recommended for coeliacs. However, it may be suitable as an alternative grain for people sensitive to normal wheat products, and those with mild wheat gluten intolerance.

This 100% wholemeal is produced from Spelt grain that has been milled in a very sophisticated manner. This method provides a meal that performs in a superior fashion to meals that have been obtained by the simple reduction of whole grain to smaller particles.

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